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How Balnce works

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Your entry to the world of integrative telehealth

Balnce connects you directly with authorised prescribers of plant-based medicine.

It’s a secure space for you to find answers and take charge of your health. A space where your wellness journey can truly begin.

About plant-based medicine

There are tight restrictions around the manufacture, supply and use of plant medicine within Australia. However, laws exist to allow the prescribing and dispensing of plant-based products in specific circumstances.

Visit the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website for important patient information relating to plant-based treatments.

Our specialist doctors will work with you to explore your options and determine the appropriate treatment for your conditions and circumstances.

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Access care
with ease

Balnce is easy. As a virtual clinic should be. With only a few clicks, you can be on your way to finding the treatment you need to start feeling your best.

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Connect with medical

Balnce doctors are personable and professional. And they all share a purpose. To improve lives with their expertise and passion for holistic healthcare.

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Thrive in mind,
body and soul

With our integrative treatment plans, you can embark on a health journey that considers the body as a whole. Your chance to truly find balance. Inside and out.

Ready to find your Balnce?

Simply answer our THREE questions to find out if plant-based medicine is right for you.

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