How it works

Wellness is well within reach

Balnce exists to connect you with an approved plant-prescribing doctor – so you can start living the life you deserve to live.

It’s real-time, personalised support… each step of the way to wellness.


Find out if
you’re eligible

To ensure you meet basic eligibility criteria, you’ll only need to answer three simple questions.

Then it’s your choice to book a telehealth consult. Or speak with a Balnce Care Navigator about your options – free of charge.


Meet with a Balnce doctor – via telehealth

Your doctor will be a Balnce plant-based treatment specialist.


Receive your
treatment plan

If treatment is the best course of action, your doctor will provide a script within 48 hours of your consult.

You can then fill your script at the Balnce online pharmacy. Or you can take it to your regular pharmacist.


Have your treatments delivered

You will now have a Balnce login. Book a follow-up consult or request a repeat script. At any time. From anywhere.

Ready to find your Balnce?

Simply answer our THREE questions to find out if plant-based medicine is right for you.

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