Become a Balnce consultant

Empower your patients with choice and control

Are you a doctor interested in the benefits of plant-based treatments? Want to improve the daily lives of countless Australians – by prescribing the remedies they need to thrive?

Join the Balnce virtual consulting team

From your initial training to your prescriber authorisation, we’ll provide you with access to the most up-to-date knowledge, tools, and products.

So you can start prescribing plant-based treatments including medicinal cannabis.

A team of like-minded experts

And with a fast-growing network of plant-based medical professionals, you’ll be joining a collaborative group of thought-leaders – all looking to share and grow their knowledge.

Why consult with Balnce

Consult on your
own terms

Expand your
client base

Receive admin and
marketing support

Enjoy flexible
work hours

How to become a Balnce consultant


Take the online course

You will need to take an approved course to build your expertise on plant-based treatments such as medicinal cannabis and broaden your prescription capabilities.


Start writing scripts (only with SAS-B approval)

Next, you can start prescribing plant-based treatments such as medicinal cannabis to eligible Balnce patients.

At this stage, you’ll need to apply for SAS-B approval for each patient. But Balnce will happily assist you.


Become an authorised prescriber

After you’ve prescribed three or more patients you can then apply to become an authorised prescriber.

This means you can write scripts without SAS-B approval.

Want to be involved?

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